Wouldn’t it be great to buy one copy of a movie and it would have a Standard Definition version (DVD), High Definition, (Blu Ray), and portable format (iPhone, iPad, etc.)with it?  The Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (DECE), which is an alliance with several major companies, such as Sony, Warner Brothers, NBC, and Netflix are pushing for just that.  Additionally, there is what is being referred to as a “Digital Rights Locker.”  The Digital Rights Locker will allow the consumer to securely store their video content in a cloud.

Here are the benefits:

  • Elimantes the needs to reformat (trans-code) a movie.  Trans-coding takes a lot of time and often results in some poor quality or lip sync issues.
  • You would never lose a movie.
  • You would not have to worry about repurchasing a movie if damaged.  If you have little kids, you’ll understand this one.
  • You could download it from anywhere in case you forgot to put it on your device before you left for a trip, etc.  All that is required is  a data connection.

Until now, I’ve only heard of the studios (content owners) requiring the consumer to purchase each format.  This gets very expensive for consumers and only benefits the studios.  It just does not seem right to have to buy a movie three times to watch it in different places.

The full press release can be found here.