Not available at Netflix or Redbox

Released 4/22/2010. Not available at Netflix or Redbox until 5/20/2010

The major movie studios think they will get increased DVD sales by delaying fast growing DVD rental companies, Netflix and Redbox.

The movie studios with the 28 day delay are:

  • Fox – Avatar, Tooth Fairy
  • Warner Bros. – The Blind Side
  • Universal – It’s Complicated

Time Warner is the parent company of Time Warner Cable and Warner Bros.
Comcast is buying NBC Universal which includes Universal Pictures.

DVD movies are available on demand during the 28 day delay on cable companies and satellite companies.  So your options during the 28 day delay are to buy the DVD or rent on pay per view.  It’s the studio’s content and they can do with it as they wish, however, I think this is a good example of how an industry is not grasping technological changes and consumer preferences.

In 3 out of 4 of the movie examples above, I did not buy or rent on demand.  Avatar was going to be bought the first day it was out regardless since that is my son’s “first favorite movie.”  Only one of the other movies caused any discussion at my house, Tooth Fairy.  Me trying to explain to my kids the DVD windowing process was not accepted well.  It should be simple, right? Even my wife gave me some looks on this one.  It’s ridiculous.  She understood, but did not agree with the studios.

Anyone notice something missing, Blockbuster.  The past video rental king is not even a factor in the 28 day delay.  Or is it?  Blockbuster is headed into bankruptcy and probably owes a good chunk of money to the movie studios for rental fees.  This is more than coincidental.  Blockbuster is also using this in their advertising strategy.  Consumers (you) should be the ones deciding where, when, and how much.  It’s called the marketplace.  Unfortunately, the movie studios have decided this for you.

I’ve got a quick poll at the bottom, let me know what you think.  Please Share this with your friends to get more votes.  Maybe if the sample size is large enough, the studios will listen.