At first, I was not sure if I wanted an iPad, much less needed one. I must say just a couple of days with the iPad, I’m finding it useful. The major use so far is as a book reader. I have an Amazon Kindle, and have been reading exclusively on the iPad using the Kindle for iPad app. iBooks does not have nearly the amount of content as Amazon, so the Kindle app is a must. There are two other features that are quite good on the iPad, mail and web browsing. I must admit that web browsing is very good on the iPad. It’s nice to be able to read sitting or lying on a couch much like you would if you were reading a magazine. I think the killer app for the iPad will be electronic magazines once the magazine companies figure out the right price for the magazines. You can see the potential by checking out the Marvel comics app and imagining what a regular magazine could look like. Actually, magazines on the iPad could be better if web links and video is incorporated.